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Kingdom Hearts PSP Release Date Revealed

05/17/2010 Kingdom Hearts PSP Release Date Revealed The first Kingdom Hearts game for the PSP, subtitle birth sleep, hit North America on 7 September and in Europe on September 10, publisher Square Enix announced today.

Portable action RPG prequel tells the story of Terra, Ventus, and Aqua, as a trio face "of the crisis that has engulfed the world far beyond their own," including Disney 's Lilo Stitch, and The Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

Meanwhile, Keyblade Master Xehanort lost - plot thread, which should help explain how Xehanort came as the primary antagonist of series of square-Disney.

In addition to the game on 7 September will release "Kingdom Hearts Birth bedtime PSP Entertainment Pack." Package will be available only through GameStop in North America, and Wil ...


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