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Final Fantasy IX confirmed the U.S. PSN, coming up "soon '

05/08/2010 Final Fantasy IX confirmed the U.S. PSN, coming up "soon '

Final Fantasy IX confirmed for US PSN, coming 'soon' screenshot

Was there doubt? Not really, but it 's still great to think. Sony confirmed that Final Fantasy IX , In recent years, dedicated to the Japanese PlayStation Network, will be coming to the West in the near future. Sony 's Ami Blair said that the North American PS3/PSP users can get the game "soon", and we' re sure Europe will follow.

Final Fantasy IX has been absolutely stellar entry in the series differs upbeat characters, nice style of art and comic tendencies. It's just this writer 's favorite Final Fantasy , Despite the mixed feelings sometimes generated among fans.

What do you think? Truly great Final Fantasy Or disappointed after walking emotastic clouds and the storm? Speak now or forever hold a piece!

Final Fantasy IX PlayStation Store Coming Soon [PlayStation Blog via 1UP ]


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