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DJ Max Portable 3 Officially the U.S. PSP release

05/26/2010 DJ Max Portable 3 Officially the U.S. PSP release G. Studios will bring Pentavision 's an attractive niche DJ Max Portable 3 in the United States in accordance with the Joystiq .

The series, which is often compared to Konami 's Beatmania franchise, offers music rhythm game on the PlayStation Portable. Game was released in the U.S. as DJ Max Fever, the combination of DJ Max Portable (2006) and DJ Max Portable 2 (2007).

It is unclear if this is an entirely new element in a series of Pentavision, or if it will release or a combination of 2008 's double-release of DJ Max Portable Clazziquai Edition and Black Square. "In any case, promised to include the function" over 50 songs unique modes, customizable settings, and has not yet announced a new feature. "

It will be released then this year at UMD, and in digital format through the PSN. Now if only Konami would have to circumvent to put Beatmania on the PS3.


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