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The Daily Hotness: red cowboy dead

05/25/2010 The Daily Hotness: red cowboy dead

Hey! Our review of Red Dead Redemption up! You can stop, finally, going mad. Since this is the last of Rockstar? Just read the review to find out.

Andrew takes to look at open world mission structure, Dale tested Splatterhouse , Win Prince of Persia kindness Halo: Rich published in September this year, Killzone 3 was officially announced and more occurred on 05/24/10.

Destructoid originals:
New Releases: Mario Galaxy 2, ModNation Racers and more
Open-world mission design is awful, let 's fix


Community Blogs 05/24/10
Forum of the day: Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Is Batman: Arkham Asylum is really better in 3D?
Enslaved: Odyssey of the West
Majin and Forsaken Kingdom

Win Prince of Persia fanpack!
Last call! Win ModNation Racers for PS3 and PSP!


Doom II XBLA available in the Japanese market now
Sony acknowledges the jury '\\' so far from the "on PSP Minis
Jaffe on a new Twisted Metal: "I want to '
The real thing: iPad cardboard arcade cabinet
Red Dead Redemption hits soundtrack ITunes
Nintendo DLC: ArtStyle, serial killers, and manipulation
Halo: Reach 's Noble Team deploys at 14 September
UK Charts: Red Dead redemption is better than soccer
Sony: PSPgo 'paved the way' for the future of portable
Sony trademarks of possible marketing ploy slogan
Information on upcoming MAG update arrive before E3
Tracks from LOST is coming to Rock Band
Advance order Blur, get Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved for free
Free App of the day: Biosecurity: Zombie Outbreak
Nanny Mama for the Wii, comes with a doll baby
HBO television show is coming to PlayStation Network
Super Stacker brings unhappy blocks PSN tomorrow
Revenge of the Titans is a cure for what you and I
Want to playtest God of War: The Ghost of Sparta?
How to play defense in Backbreaker
Voodoo Dice rolls onto Xbox LIVE Arcade this week


Human Centipede game now
Facebook game content currently on the 7-Eleven products
Red Dead Redemption has some funny glitches

Sexy French girls used horseplay sell Blur
Killzone 3 officially announced the first shot!
Namco Bandai announced bloody knights Contract
Another war for the trailer Cybertron? Well, go on then


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