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Project DIVA Dreamy Theatre shafts PSP Go, too

04/25/2010 Project DIVA Dreamy Theatre shafts PSP Go, too

Project DIVA Dreamy Theater shafts the PSP Go, too screenshot

PSP Go be a sad piece of hardware. In concept, it 's revolutionary. It 's first dedicated, fully digital platform play (phones, despite), with full support for PlayStation Network, several opportunities to connect PS3-PSP and all the forces themselves.

Unfortunately, in practice, 'pitiful. It's too expensive, impose some limitations with the original PSP '(where my second substance analogue "), and digital PSP games Aren' t get cheaper or faster, and in some cases, the Don 't come at all .

What makes Dreamy Theatre expansion pack for the mega-popular virtual idol singing games Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA all the more painful blow, even indirectly. This package allows to significantly Vocaloid fans of the game Project DIVA through the PS3 (with DualShock 3), which, in turn, upscales and re-renders graphics to display Miku in high-resolution high polycount glory. Now you can see Miku jump and sing on the big screen and pretend that she And no 't get its data capture traffic from a 13-year-old .

Worst of all, seeing these screenshots Dreamy Theatre just makes me even more disappointed that there still is the ISN 'full Miku PS3 games. Well, Crypton Future Media and Sega! DO IT. You LL 'do bucketloads selling costumes and songs of DLC in any case! Oh, and bring it across the pond, too. Pretty, please!

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