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God of War Chains of Olympus

[[[God of War Chains of Olympus]]]

Description: Gow Chains Olympus PSP

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A wonderful story for the prequel! Although it is relatively short, the game was very nice on the PSP.

Probably the best games on the PSP. Control is good, graphics are very good, and murder is fine, as always. Buy this game if you do not 't already, especially for the price it is now.

This is the best and the cattle game I have ever seen on PSP. When I started playing, I did not stop until I finished it. Graphics unbelieavable. This was the first game on PSP, I played so I thought it was so powerful PSP hardware, but after I experimented with a variety of games is not as beautiful as this, and I realized that this game, which rises from Olympus PSP.
This is necessary.

Before he fought with the gods ... He was forced to serve them

The third game in God of War franchise God of War: Chains of Olympus for the PlayStation Portable is a prequel of the first two games of the series published for the PlayStation 2, and the truth, high standards God of War and God of War , It is not only equal the efforts of his predecessors, in some sense it may even surpass them.

'God of War: Chains of Olympus' game logo

Explore Kratos "history from the beginning
Kratos on the shores of Attica
Kratos on the shores of Attica.
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The Blades of Chaos in action
Blades of Chaos in action.
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Beautiful in-game environments
Beautiful in game conditions.
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Mythological boss battles
Mythological boss battles.
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Kratos History
God of War Chains of Olympus

God of War 's Epic gameplay comes to PSP
PlayStation Portable has always been head and shoulders above its competitors in the handheld market when it comes to productivity, and God of War: Chains of Olympus Platform PSP may have only reached the highest level to date. Packed with features like dramatic camera angles, epic set of objects, cinematic cut scenes, stirring audio and seamless fast action games, previously only available on console platforms Chains of Olympus connects players adventure Epic Games, regardless of where they are when they come into effect.

Go fight, both old and new
Nearly as defining as the name of Kratos itself mark a radical movement of attack Ghost of Sparta using his weapon of choice Blades of Chaos, represents all God of War games Chains of Olympus is no exception.

The exploration and puzzle solving
From the bright gates of Attica to the darkest dungeons of Tartarus Kratos path and your own will take you through a dark and brutal world of Greek mythology. This is not only your skill with the Blades of Chaos be tested, but your mind also.

Evolution in the history of the franchise
More than just a missing piece in the history God of War franchise Chains of Olympus is also an evolutionary link between the origin God of War franchise and its future. Originally developed for the PlayStation 2, the future of the franchise will make its arrival on PlayStation 3 in the form of a long-awaited God of War III in the not too distant future. Not only is PlayStation Portable designed to work in unison with PlayStation 3 in many ways, but both long fans and newcomers to the series who decided to watch and play Chains of Olympus carefully may well find, in what direction the franchise will be headed in a God of War III .

Whether you find yourself playing on the current chapter in the saga of Kratos, or prepare for the battles to come to the PlayStation 3, God of War: Chains of Olympus it should be called for any current owner of a PSP or those considering getting a handheld game 1.
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