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ESRB are about 15 Sony-published games for PSP

04/13/2010 ESRB are about 15 Sony-published games for PSP

ESRB outs 15 Sony-published games for PSP screenshot

Each year, Sony Computer Entertainment America has promised that it will be PSP time to shine. Each year, it is revealed as false. Nevertheless, it seems, ESRB spilled the beans on not one, not two, but fifteen SCEA games, which have set up their eyes to the PlayStation Portable release this year.

Among the games revealed Finger Connection , Homerun Hitters , Love Cupid , Busy Sweets Factory , Forward! Tank Squad! , Music Quiz , One Two Boat Racing , Accumulate bakery , Duel Pinball , Quiz Animania , Ramen Heaven , Sheep defense Segui , Sweet Reversi , Also Tonzurakko .

Well, frankly, most of them sound like absolute crap, but who can deny the attractiveness of the game called Ramen Heaven ? Like Rhythm Heaven But fun games to music to replace the tasty noodle preparation. Who can deny the quality of this concept?

ESRB: 15 new PSP games coming from Sony Computer Entertainment [Joystiq]


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