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Why I'm Avoiding One of the Main Features of Valhalla Knights 3

Why I'm Avoiding One of the Main Features of Valhalla Knights 3

After more than 90 hours, I'm still uncomfortable with Valhalla Knights 3.


Valhalla Knights 3 Why I'm Avoiding One of the Main Features of Valhalla Knights 3

" you ask.

Valhalla Knights 3

is an RPG for the PS Vita. The basic game is very similar to an MMORPG, but the massively multiplayer online. You have a central base of operations in a slightly more full of enemies card. At its base - or in the case of

Valhalla Knights 3 , jail - buy and sell the loot equipment and run their game, and get quests to collect X number section and from the type Z enemy various rewards. Overall, this is a very standard RPG.

is like an MMO whose plot is very fragile, and ranks second in the grinding. There are a number of different types of characters that you can switch between characters, each with their own level of play fighting, while there is a bit of a learning curve is a little further rhythmically the attack button to perform combos and pray that you have not misjudged the strength of the enemy.

Why I'm Avoiding One of the Main Features of Valhalla Knights 3

If all this sounds boring, it probably is, but the game does a great job of rewarding the player enough to play me. The leveling system is very addictive and it's probably why I've been grinding away for over 90 hours. Why I'm Avoiding One of the Main Features of Valhalla Knights 3

So why am I uncomfortable? So, here's a trailer (very NSFW) showing one of the distinctive features of the game, the Red Light District (seriously, you do not want to see this while you are at work):

Now, for those who do not understand Japanese, let me clarify: Its main base of operations in the game has an upper and lower level. The upper level is the Red Light District, and the lower level are the slums. Each level has stores that allow you to buy / sell items and equipment, guilds obtain contracts change around party members and individual classes, and a "clinic" where you can change sex and appearance of your characters. The difference between the levels is mostly intuitive, the upper level has better items and more missions, but also costs more. In addition, as the name "Red" indicates, there are a few other "goodies" in the store.

Each installation in the red zone has several suppliers, all of whom are women. To perform a transaction with a seller, you must pay a fee, as a Japanese hostess club. Although no difference in the sale items or missions offered by each provider in the Red Light District, the supplement varies. If you spend a certain amount of money to a supplier, you get to participate in what is called "Sexy Time", which according to the game you can feel the seller, while the owner of the establishment "is return. "Press the right places, and sometimes you will have access to a single object and boost your relationship with your character.

Repeat this often enough and offer you a mission. Once you clear this quest, which takes you to the hotel from the station where heavily involved having sex (no graphics, but I'm sure you know what moan dialogue and moving the screen to the up and down before flashing means pink). After that, you can select this provider to join his party.

My first reaction to this game system was immediately rejected. I never found a call to the host / hostess Japanese clubs, and how the female characters are objectified in the Red Light district system felt kind of thing that Fox News would immediately jump into a test like why games are destroying civilization as we know it.

Why I'm Avoiding One of the Main Features of Valhalla Knights 3

However, the use of the red zone is not required and you can remove the game without having to use the facilities at all. This, plus the fact that the combat / leveling was so addictive, that's why I still play.

play the game, but avoiding parts of the system that made me think that I found unpleasant. Although it is classified a bit restrictive ("contains material which may be appropriate for a public sixteen years or so"), the fact that games like

Valhalla Knights 3 are released into the circulation is something of a reflection of how the host club / hostess is rooted in Japanese culture.

Valhalla Knights 3

not the only game outside Japan

containing this type of
payment system to take advantage of-the-company-of-women-in-a-almost-but-explicitly sexual way. The Yakuza

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