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Ewoks for Sale Outrages Some Star Wars: The Old Republic Subscribers

Ewoks for Sale Outrages Some Star Wars: The Old Republic Subscribers

Last foofaraw in

Star Wars: The Old Republic

-MMO that exists primarily to make people complain, it seems

-refers to an Ewok. Yes, a cuddly Ewok, action taken last (after Mothma, even) when I chose the sides of the battle.

treek the Bounty Hunter is an Ewok companion for your character will be available in August When it was announced at the beginning that if your character I had a million credits in hand and a standard 40-year heritage. People first began to murmur whether, at the time of the War cannon-Ewoks were known outside of Endor, and then how the hell can you leave Endor, much less become a formidable hunter rewards. Now it has been discovered that people can simply buy and treek with Real Moolah. I know, pay real money for the services of a bounty hunter? In a free to play MMO? The hell?

Because everything in the game must be a zero-sum argument, people who have the required level of inheritance are super pissed that not only can acquire foreign currency and treek Cartel, Cartel Coin Market also known where things are bought and sold for real-Buxx. The fact that this game is published by Electronic Arts figures in the discussion, too, I'm sure.

"Everyone should be able to have everything in the game and it helps that you should actually be able to buy anything, and referral requirements" said subscriber Game Forums. "They have been waiting in February '12 for something great to leave the level of inheritance and so far 50 have absolutely nothing."

"Not P2W but it is a slap in the face to people who have actually played the game long enough to get a high level of heritage," said another. "Thanks for submarines following has no value. "

others are not so offended. "Honestly, I do not see that much larger reaction based on treek" wrote one in this thread. "I see the same handful of heavy current players on the hamster wheel of false indignation. But this is true for everything about the game most of the time. "

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