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Arguing Console Specs is Pointless, Says Xbox Exec, Who Does It Anyway

Arguing Console Specs is Pointless, Says Xbox Exec, Who Does It Anyway

discuss the bowels are more powerful console "is an absurd argument," said an officer of the Xbox, "because people talk about things they do not know." In general, you're right. He then continued to promote guts of your console.

They [Sony] places and talk about how proud they are of their parts off-the-shelf "Albert Penello, head of product planning for Xbox, told the official magazine Xbox. "Our guys'll say we played each component in the box and everything is set for optimal performance."

If eSRAM and DDR and other acronyms e-peen is so far out of reach of a public civil partnership, so why do they give a shit if engineers use parts off-the-shelf to Instead of tinkering with Microsoft coats everything inside?

Before you say, Penello was right. People discuss specifications, even without knowing what they are talking about, as it aims to bring some objectivity to the most pointless argument in the world: My console is better than yours. Nuh uh. Yes, it is. No way. Prove it! Well, here are a lot of jargon backed by numbers, rather than discuss whether Batman could kill Superman. does not mean that the material does not matter. The Xbox 360 was, and in some ways still a poorly designed machine of all network problems-Ring overheating through below the fan running constantly chainsaw player. Not to mention their first models need a special device Wi-Fi capability. Its backward compatibility, the time people still cared about her, had serious problems in many popular titles. Today, the trap, stupid useless via the USB port on the Xbox 360 is more a question of quality of life for me, despite their batteries to the PS3 GPU.

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