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Sony, If This Is Your Future, Count Me Out!

On the Facebook page of Sony Japan, the photo above was published at the end of last month (I added the text). With the camera, Sony Japan wrote: "In the near, perhaps a scene like that will become standard future" (?? ??, ??? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ???) I hope not

There are over 700 comments on this photo. People write things like: "It's scary," or "I hate it" Some people make jokes, comparing with some


or. Japanese anime.

And others say that people probably use these headphones on airplanes - not on your morning commute. It makes more sense! It's just that ...


in the comments of the Facebook page of Sony in Japan, there are also references to Google Glass
. Google Unlike glass, however, the HMZ-T2 already released. Our future starts now combined
as published before
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