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Microsoft Studios creative director dismisses 'always-on' console concerns

Adam Orth, creative director of the gaming division of Microsoft, not "get around the drama of having a console" always on " . "Orth took to Twitter yesterday to publicly reject the criticism of consoles always online, probably in response to Kotaku sources recently saying that the next generation Xbox will need an Internet connection to play.
Although Orth has protected your account, your tweets are screencapped on Reddit and NeoGAF. Orth, who has been with Microsoft for 15 months after having previously worked at LucasArts and PopCap, started a lively debate on Twitter: "Sorry, I have no drama around having a console" "always on Each device now .'s "always on. "This is the world in which we live # dealwithit" Orth even said he wants each unit is "always on".
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