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Cosplay Mob Immortalized in New Anime

In the past, the Tokyo Game Show cosplay relegated to the corridors between the main halls of the convention center (next TGS seems to be different). The rooms were always full of cosplayers, and people. Sometimes things can be a little scary when they are surrounded cosplayers. A little? Make sure


Next photo is apparently from the 2011 Tokyo Game Show. Online in Japan, the picture becomes a bit notorious for how to represent the male cosplayers photographers swarmed around women.

The last episode Japanese anime

Photo Kano

same as the picture brought to life in animated form (above).
2 channels, bulletin largest in Japan, people say moving image and the original image is a "full match" (or kanzen Icchi
or ?? ? ??). They are similar, but the anime version, however, seems much too sanitized.
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