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0x10c has been put 'on ice' at the moment, says Mojang

space next game Mojang 0x10c is one of those projects that you are not fully understood, but much of what

able to understand the potentially great sounds. Described as "a kind of space adventure, first Persony-running-around-trying-to-keep-the-boat-around game," says designer Markus Persson polygon " not really all fun but it feels like it could be fun because there is nothing to do there yet. "

was in the air, if the title will actually complete liberation. When asked if he wanted to, Persson said. " depends if I'll just be me and I feel that this kind of pressure still rare Really no pressure is just a funny creative block that lasts a long time and [ 0x10c

] will be put on ice until that we can solve this problem. "

0x10c has been put 'on ice' at the moment, says Mojang screenshot He continued to describe the complexity of the game - almost everything on his boat, computers and everything will be "in a real sense" - saying: "

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