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Xbox Originator: "Stupid, Stupid Xbox!!"

wrote: "You can not envy Nat Brown to claim some pride in the birth of the game console Microsoft." I was one of the founders of the original Xbox project and gave his name nearly 14 years after the painful cage match useless and foolish to start internal and funded, the forced sale of a product attractive and lucrative Bill show (and then Steve as he began to take over) a product that consumers want and demand love and in fact, I am still very happy to see how far you've come ... "But in his recent blog post ILIKE.CODE, he feels the need to lament that" ... As always, Microsoft has jumped his own shark and trampling through the undergrowth planning and talking about the distant future of interactive television strategies and alliances with original programming large media companies who die during the main product, his hometown is in flames, its soldiers, its promoters, are tired and falling, and their supply lines are broken. "Nat will detail a list of past and present mistakes Microsoft Xbox strategic throwing darts towards strategies of Nintendo and Sony game console."

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