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Metacritic ranks EA as 2012's best major publisher

Best Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo in the ranking of the publisher Metacritic, with Take-Two take top honors in the list averages editor.

Metacritic Electronic Arts has ranked as the best publisher of the year 2012, with the critical concentration Service reports that Mass Effect 3 was the best reviews and EA titles with a Metascore of 93 years.

won four seats on Metacritic cards since last year, surpassing Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo - second, third and fourth place, respectively.

Medal of Honor

: Warfighter, which received a 6.0 in GameSpot examination, performance was worse on Metacritic EA title, with a Metascore of 53 years. EA was subsequently removed from the series, although she argues that critics were too harsh on FPS.

Metacritic also calculated a table for what he saw as the publication medium, which was the second Borderlands publisher Take-Two, Hitman: Absolution owners Square Enix and Bethesda Softworks on, inter alia Skyrim.

placement Metacritic calculated on the basis of a number of points assigned to each publisher, 1.5 times its average Metascore 2012 titles. Then added up to 100 points based on the percentage of games that were good (75-89 Metascore) Classification, subtract a maximum of 100 basis points in the percentage of games that received a bad (20-49 Metascore ) rating and adding a bonus of 10 points per game has received wide (90-100 Metascore) Note.

Metacritic third annual major publishers (and average Metascore)

leading publishers

1. EA (75.2)

2. Microsoft (73.0) 3. Sony (72.3)

. Nintendo (71.2)

5. Capcom (70.4)

6. Warner Bros (70.6)
    7. Ubisoft (68.2)
  • 8. Konami (69)
  • 9. SEGA (69.9) 10. Activision Blizzard (64.4) 11. Namco Bandai (62.5)

medium sized publishers

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