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GameStop: Consumers unlikely to buy next-gen console that blocks used games

specialty retailer said

purchase intention would be "significantly reduced" if new platforms not used games.


would be unlikely to buy a platform of new generation blocks used games or other activities limits the GameStop representative told Bloomberg.

    "We know that the desire to buy a new console generation would be significantly reduced if the new consoles were playback restrictions for used games, limits the portability or not playing physical games new" GameStop VP public relations and investor Matt Hodges said.
  • Hodges comments come after GameStop shares fell more than 6 percent yesterday after the rumor that Microsoft may block Xbox 720 games use. This is potentially problematic for GameStop, which generates a significant portion of its revenues from the sale of used games and merchandise. The consensus among analysts is that future platforms from Microsoft and Sony will not block used games. Official word is expected soon, as the two companies are rumored to announce their next consoles in the coming months, with the PlayStation 4, possibly out of the shadows from this month.

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