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Aksys localizing game where you are Keiji Inafune's niece

Aksys localizing game where you are Keiji Inafune's niece screenshot

I must hand it to Aksys. They took a lot of risks in securities, even in an environment of tolerance today, it would still be considered a niche in the niche. Games like this, Fuse Sweet: At Your Side (Bakudan Handan) for PSP. It is a "game otome", a kind of novel-centered visual novel / Dating Sim for the female market.'s Stories and drawings of characters tendencies toward men protagonists hot lady and seduction by the first of the second (and occasionally the first one).


is remarkable in that it capitalizes on the popularity of Keiji Inafune (the Mega Man
Fame) casting players in the role of Saki Inafune, the niece of fiction. Instead of a giant laser shooting space battleship, Keiji Inafune now has a theme park, a hostage of the wheel which destroyed ruin Ferris Hogstein Cond?, Saki and must participate in a series of deadly games with a large group of singles to save.
Yes, you can not do these things. Check out some press release below kindness.

Aksys to locate the fuse otome game Sweet [Japanator]

Aksys Games
is pleased to announce a new title in the adventure novel visual Fuse Sweet: your side, from the heart a mixture of pump action and romance that defies death, for the PlayStation Portable ?. Developed by Idea Factory Studio Otomate, Fuse Sweet: On Your Side is the latest addition to a growing catalog of adventure titles published by Aksys Games. With an eccentric distribution involving mechanical puzzles, and many segments unique history, fuses soft: At Your Side is your ticket to a wild adventure and explosive

Summary History

Inafune, niece of legendary game developer Keiji Inafune, I can not wait to visit the park on his uncle again. She was invited to the opening ceremony, and is waiting for a day of fun and excitement when suddenly Hogstein Earl, an evil so great that it is clich? and bad shots Ferris Wheel, taking hostage the fleet management, and declares the beginning of a series of deadly games.

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