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New Sony Patent Blocks Second-hand Games

Silentbrad wrote a story about a Sony patent could block used games. "... The patent application was filed December 9, 2012 by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, and the work by connecting individual game discs on behalf of a user without a network connection that is all future attempts to use this disc in the console of another user won "t work. The patent explains that the games come with contactless labels to be read by the console in the same way that modern credit cards. When a disc is first used, the disk ID and the player ID will be stored in the label. whenever the disk is used in the future, check the label ID if the two match, and if not, then the disk will not work. The document goes on to explain that such a device is part of efforts to discourage Sony sales of second-hand games, and is a much simpler solution that always-on DRM or passwords. Interestingly, Sony has not confirmed the existence of the device, and the patent does not use the machine in the following paragraphs also refer to accessories and peripherals .... also raises the question of what happens if your console is broken and must be replaced, or if you have more than one console. Is that the games are linked to your PSN account, which means it can still be used, or the console, ie a complete library of titles would have to buy new? '

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