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Big in Japan July 9-15: Time Travelers

Vita and 3DS versions of the title of Level-5 debut adventure in the bottom of the 10; Pokemon Black / White 2 is always on top.

Monster collecting was in style, while time travelling was yesterday's news.

Even with the release of 5-level Time Travelers adventure game, Pokemon Black and White 2 is still clinging to its leading position in the recent

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aa sales information for the week of July 9 to 15 units to sell 122,242 and push its total sales of over 2 million units.

Collections monster was in style, while the travel time was yesterday's news.

Time Travelers
enters the bottom of the 10. Vita PS version was in eighth place, with 9,332 units sold, while the version 3DS ended bottom of the 10 with 9054 units sold. The adventure game puts players in the shoes of the protagonists of several interconnected by a disaster that the incident was lost 18 years ago in an alternate version of Tokyo. While the game is also for the PSP, the only version that will go on sale July 19.

other newcomers in the table includes the following entry in the rhythm game Taiko no Tatsujin Namco Bandai. 3DS version, subtitled "Chibi Dragon Orb Fushiga not" was second with 65.462 units sold. 3DS first soccer game, Pocket Football League: A little calcium was third with 26.449 units sold.

former high place holders Ayesha Workshop and Persona 4: The Golden lived below the top 10, with the former in 12 th place, and sold 6,813 units, and the second to 15th place with 6001 units sold. The PS3 version of anarchy did not last long in the top 10, or the game was ranked 16 with 5,717 units sold.

Regarding hardware sales in recent years, the 3DS was still in the lead with 47,063 units sold, while the PS3 late in 14,813 units. Two Sony portable systems were still above the 10,000 mark for the unit, the PS Vita was 13,427 units, while PSP was 11.004 units.

game Top Sales in Japan from 9 to July 15


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