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'The ultraviolence has to stop' - Warren Spector

producer of Epic Mickey Eidos says he left in 2004 due to the proliferation of violent titles in the editor, believes the industry is "fetishization of violence."

Don't expect to see a scene like this in Epic Mickey.

serious violent scenes were a staple of the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo last week. And while Sony has said that this time could be beneficial in stimulating strong narratives, producer Warren Spector Epic Mickey has a different opinion. Speaking to the international gaming industry, Spector said plainly: "ultra-violence must stop."

not expect to see a scene like that in Epic Mickey.


his thoughts, Spector said he believes that violence in games such could have negative consequences.

"We have to stop loving him," he said. "I do not believe in the argument of the effects at all, but I think we fetishize violence, and now, in some cases effectively combined with an approach to adolescent sexuality. I think it's in bad taste. Ultimately, I think it will cause problems. "

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