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Rumor: Mass Effect 3's next DLC is the Rebellion Multiplayer Expansion [Update: BioWare responds]

The DLC for next
Mass Effect

not the court "extended" DLC planned for this summer, pull lists of Hong Kong, the Sony site is to be believed. The next piece of content apparently will focus on multiplayer and available for download tomorrow.

rebellion multiplayer expansion is a series of multiplayer maps and other goodies. "The rebellion multiplayer expansion is opening two new fronts against the reapers deposit Firebase Jade of the jungle and the goddess of Firebase Thessia" reports Kotaku. "In the boosters games now include three new weapons and equipment, supplies, and six new classes. Quarian engineer and soldier and infiltrated vorcha Sentinel, adept and advanced Phoenix "The file was deleted from the Sony site, so we can confirm the contents of the list

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