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Fifa 13 details revealed - smarter attackers, harder defenders

EA has begun teasing the delivery details of FIFA this year of the new improved AI and physics increased competition

If Sunday's game between Manchester City and QPR had taken place in the FIFA, was rejected by participants as a finishing touch of fantasy and unrealistic. "FIFA is always easier to score in overtime," they say. But it is also a sign that, as the years pass, the real sport and its partner the most successful are almost getting closer.

Tuesday, EA Sports has revealed the first details of FIFA 13 a few, coming in the fall (kid you not), 3DS, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC, PS3 , PSP, Xbox and Vita -. and "other smartphone platforms"

The key addition is set to become the new "intelligence attack" technoloigy, which apparently enables computer players to think two steps ahead, planning moves forward and react more strongly to the new offensive careers. Press Release:

Now players have the intelligence to create, bend or change tracks to take advantage of openings as they occur, do not work by pulling the defenders of their position to open the channels of move their teammates, and better positioned for the opportunities for attacks.

increased physical component FIFA 12 is a lot of the ball, defenders are agitated allowiing opposing forwards, forcing the poor first touch. It is more realistic, of course, but EA Sports will have to find a balance between simulation and real boring participants to take control and away from the ability of team members.

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