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The ghostly image of my death in Far Cry 3


The stories developed during multiplayer sessions

Far Cry 3

resembles the tales told by other competition shooters:
the explosion of a grenade blows around me like a shock wave. From behind the smoke of a group of four rebels emerge and open fire on an ammunition dump that I am located on the defense. Two of the invaders are slaughtered in a hail of bullets in my gun submachine gun. Two other enemies scatter and leave me alone. The area is mine and mine alone
in hiding, waiting for a flank attack - but nothing happens .. Seconds later, I hear a creak in the air. An irregularity is registered on my radar. Then another crack and fall on my feet, dead.

What seems fairly standard turn into something new and interesting. As

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare before, Far Cry 3

reveals deadly enemy positions through a Elimination Chamber . But unlike other titles, Far Cry 3


's may be the best I've seen a detailed strategic information on players has decreased. Joystiq

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