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Big in Japan April 9-15: Kingdom Hearts 3DS

Square Enix cash cow goes against Namco's new Super Robot Taisen for first place that the PSP is outselling PS Vita.

Mecha crossovers plus Disney and Square Enix crossovers equals profit.

While last week appeared to slow the software and Japanese hardware sales, two major titles have debuted in the top five according to the latest update Media Create weekly sales. Namco Bandai recent full mechanism of the strategy role-playing, Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen, which was held first place in the week of April 9 to April 15 with 34,403 units sold.

Mecha cross outside of Disney and Square Enix cross is equal to profit.

Square Enix Kingdom Hearts title for 3DS finished just below the entrance of Super Robot Wars with 3D Kingdom Hearts: Sales fall remotely dream of 20,977 units. For more information on the RPG, see the recent coverage GameSpot.
3D Super Mario Land
recovered the way back to the list after hovering low in the top 10. 3DS Nintendo has sold 18.119 units platforms and was followed by the PSP version of Pro Baseball Spirits 2012 from Konami and Kid Icarus: Uprising by Nintendo. The first 17.037 units sold while the latter moved to the 3DS 15.228 copies.

All hardware sales suffered this week. Sales of Sony PlayStation Portable fell to 8,250 units Vita Media Create sales day earlier, while the Xbox 360 has lost momentum from Kinect Star Wars, falling to 1.373 units sold compared to 3,764 units previous period.

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