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Yoshida plays down lackluster Vita sales in Japan with PSP sales

president of worldwide studios for Sony Computer Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida acknowledges that Vita is not selling well in Japan, but believes that this which is to do better in the U.S.. Why? Because the risk after Sony handheld, the PSP is still "very popular" in Japan. Or something like that.

"Therefore, the launch in Japan, which saw the sale through the numbers, you realize that we have not been able to sell units sold in "Yoshida said VentureBeat, in response to a message on lessons learned for U.S. launches sales of Japanese Vita. "But looking very objective of the market situation in Japan, especially in the laptop, the PSP is still very popular." Joystiq

Yoshida said Sony needs to communicate the Vita as a brand, not just another portable device, the potential players. Part of what is visible on the marketing campaign for Sony, which includes $ 50 million ads, billboards, banner ads online, offering for sale and hashtags.

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