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PSP 4GB Hard Drive with Battery

PSP 4GB Hard Drive with Battery

Product Description:
10-22-2007 - Brand New Item. Description - DATEL DUS0132-I PSP(TM) 4 GB Hard Drive with Battery Pack

Regular price : USD 199.99
Lowest used price : USD 50.99
Lowest new price : USD 59.92
  • 4GB HD gives the user double the storage and the X2 battery doubles the playing time
  • Uses ultra-reliable Micro-Drive technology which interfaces with the PSP? through a flexible memory stick adapter
  • Store up to 8 full length movies, thousands of digital photos, MP3's and PSP? game saves
  • HD fits tightly into 2 holes by the memory slot compartment
  • X2 battery ergonomically replaces the existing PSP? battery
  • Includes Max Media Manager PC Software

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