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inviZimals UMD with PSP Camera

Invizimals PSP UMD with the camera
inviZimals UMD with PSP Camera

Product Description:
Invizimals turns your PSP into a device that lets you discover and capture the monsters living in the world around you. The excitement of capturing hidden monsters and uncovering their secret world is literally in your hands. Bundle includes: Invizimals UMD Game PSP camera. Product Description:

InviZimals is an augmented reality game for PlayStation Portable (PSP) that utilizes the included PSP camera to project a gameworld filled with collectable miniature monsters against the background of the everyday reality of players. The result is the revealing of over 100 different kinds of monsters that can be captured, and primed for battle in both campaign and wireless multiplayer modes. Additional features include the ability to use the PSP camera to make movies, take pictures and possibly be used with additional games in the future.

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  • Trade InviZimals and magical items with your friends or online
  • Use the PSP Camera to hunt down invisible monsters and capture them
  • Use the PSP Camera to take pictures, make short movies and possibly use it with future games
  • Pit your InviZimals against each other or enjoy multiplayer fights with friends
  • Learn new attacks, power up, and evolve your InviZimals

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