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Sega's gaming biz loses $77 million


Sega Sammy total profits fall as lost business suits all expectations by selling 450,000 Captain America, because they increase the fears of nightmares 200,000 sold.

not even Captain America could save the bottom line of Sega. The parent company Sega Sammy announced sales and lower revenue in its financial results for the first half of the year, with the fall of division games often below expectations.

Captain America has sold 450,000 copies in just two months on the shelves.
April to September, Sega Sammy has recorded total sales of 152.6 billion yen (U.S. $ 2 billion), nearly 30 percent a year. Net income also fell by the editor, compared to 84 percent in the first half of last year, to close at ¥ 3.9billion (50 million). Sega Sammy pachinko remove and arcade games and entertainment, the division of consumer affairs, which includes Sega's PC and console operations also fell. First-half sales tumbled 14 percent to ¥ 33.4 billion (428 million), while the sector recorded an operating loss of 6 billion yen ($ 77 million). The multiplatform film tie-in Captain America: Super Soldier is the best-selling version of the company for the quarter July-September, picking up 450,000 copies sold in Europe and the United States. The Xbox 360 exclusive Kinect up nightmares was the biggest company in the next version of international news, selling 200,000 copies worldwide. PSP management in Japan J-League Pro SIM Soccer Club Tsukurou completed seven major versions of the company is also moving 200,000 copies. On a larger scale, the publisher has lost sales forecasts on all platforms. Sales of games for the Nintendo 3DS have been particularly disappointing, because the publisher had told investors to wait nine games Sega to combine the sale of half a million copies by the end of September. At that time, the publisher is sent only two games for the system, with combined sales of 30,000 copies. [video]

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