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Rumor: Details on Sony's Smash Bros inspired brawler

Rumor: Details on Sony's Smash Bros inspired brawler screenshot

rumors of a

Smash Bros.

style 4-player fighting game with animals from Sony have been floating around since at least 2008. I never took any of them seriously. However, when some thought provoking bulletpoints in this ghost emerging projects, I think it's worthy of a postcard.

So here, directly from the Dtoid forums some facts about what could be Sony's first foray into all-star through the fight. The story goes that someone who works in the game have decided to risk your current job and career by publishing photos and information on this project, without notice on Twitter, then closed his Twitter account. Images with little history of games and character models, including candy, and a woman with breasts. There is also some information on the preliminary list of games, Parappa the Rapper, including Kratos, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake, Sweet Tooth, Col. Radece Mael, and Fat Princess. Photo Photo Photo

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