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PSN game sharing to become more exclusive

There were five of you: Timber, Stan, Rickyface, Darla D and Phillipe. The five that have nothing in common, unless you do not want to pay a lot of downloadable games. For years, the small club split the cost of all games on PSN that came down the pike, but now the PS3 Thurs Buddies could be in agony.

of November 18, PSN licenses may be related to only two PS3 PSP or two, a change in policy only applies to games that I bought after the date of to start. While you will be able to disable and enable consoles online, the days of five friends who share an account is over. Joystiq

While the news came on the EU PlayStation Blog that they have every reason to believe that an important change in policy will be the end of the game PS3 Buddies clubs world

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