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Nintendo Announces New Console: Wii U

writes: "Nintendo has announced the official name of what was known as" Project Café: "The Wii is a console U. HD, maintaining compatibility with the Wii (it is not clear whether this includes Gamecube software), and the driver actually has a touch screen on it.. Nintendo has made a demonstration in motion a television and play with it only in the Wii controller U "Also in the news of E3, cylonlover writes: "in his press conference at E3 Sony has finally revealed that their next generation hand - formerly known as the NGP - '. PlayStation Vita "to take the official nickname of the Vita PS - which in Latin means" life "- will be available in two flavors: a version of Wi-Fi at a price of only $ 249 U.S., JPY24, 980 in Japan EUR249 and Europe, and 3G/Wi-Fi version is U.S. $ 299, JPY29, 980 and EUR299. "

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