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Big in Japan July 18-24: Rhythm Heaven


Nintendo 's Rhythm Heaven series still keep a beat, as proven franchise' s first installment on the Wii topping the Media Create Japanese sales charts in the first week of release. The Wii version of the game sold 118 173 copies for 18 to 24 July, makes it easy the week 's best-selling title.

The devilishly challenging Rhythm Heaven.

Rhythm Heaven wasn 't the only new release of its brand to make the charts. The newest PSP game in Capcom 's historical action series, Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes came in second with 82 798 copies sold, while Grasshopper Manufacture' s Move-compatible PlayStation 3 port of No More Heroes took home the be bronze with 40 313 units sold. Another new version of familiar Western players cracked the top 10, with Spicy Horse 's Alice: 19 994 copies sold Madness Returns in his debut.

While Nintendo are unhappy with sales of its 3DS system, occupies the glasses-free 3D handheld the Japanese sales charts for the second consecutive week. The 31 826-3DS systems sold for the week was widely sold on the PSP 's 26 854 units. As for consoles, Sony came in first with 23 343 PS3s sold, followed by the Wii sold 17 114 units, and the Xbox 360 is the bottom amongst the current generation systems with 1546 new owner for the week.

JAPAN GAME SALES WEEK OF 18th to 24 July 2011

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