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Sony on how they've learned from PSP's mistakes for NGP

Sony on how they've learned from PSP's mistakes for NGP screenshot

Sony 's Chief of the Computer Entertainment division, Shuhei Yoshida says that it' have learned from the mistakes they made with the PSP. Their way to their next portable, Code Name NGP, aims, beyond the simple goals they had for the PSP.

"Our biggest mistake, I would say, was with the PSP, we were just so happy, the PS2 games on the go, and we kind of stayed there," Yoshida said in an interview with Gamespot.

"What we wanted with NGP that was beside the great graphics and CPU, think what we could put interface make the gameplay really are. You know what you can not even have to do with the PS3."

You 're on the right track with features such as touch back, augmented reality, display and the new dual analog sticks. This will in any case, the conditions for new experiences.

But what about old experiences? Let 's hope that Sony also education, such as the distribution and pricing software, and learned how to correctly do backward compatibility. For the NGP manages this, the software and the pricing is going to be crucial.

Sony 's On How Yoshida NGP PSP \ Avoid' s Biggest Mistake [Gamasutra]

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