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Sony at E3 2011: beyond PlayStation Vita

Budget 3D monitor and active glasses join Move game lineup in order of the transition from PlayStation Network Hacking controversy

It was definitely the right decision. Sony opened its E3 press conference with an apology for the recent loss of Jack Tretton PSN, boss of Sony Computer Entertainment America delivered. He told a packed audience at the Memorial Sports Stadium, "My friends in the media tell me that nothing is more fortunate than their editors dispute and bad news. So to all our esteemed members of the press, I say, you 're welcome. "He went on to specifically thank third-party publishers for their support, say for PlayStation fans," You are the backbone of the company. Without you, there are no PlayStation. I would like personally and on behalf excuse the company [. ..] We are humbled and amazed by the amount of commitment and support you continue to give. Network activity is currently at over 90% of the original level before the power failure. This is something we will not be easy. "

It was open and funny, and it meant that the company would have a gigantic two hours in order to seduce us into forgetting the whole sorry affair with a mass of demos and announcements.

And while Microsoft 's event seemed like a long-drawn advertisement for Kinect, Sony' s was an attack on many fronts, and in 3D, the PlayStation controller and move naturally PlayStation Vita, the new name for the Sony NGP. The central theme was connectivity. "PS3 is the connected digital device available today," said Tretton before the announcement of a series of cross-platform games, like futuristic racer Wipeout 2048, it will run Vita owner against PS3 players, and the fascinating action RPG ruin on both Vita and PS3 and has Cloud-based game is saved, so that buyers play on the train, then take their game at exactly the same place when they at home and start their PlayStation console to go.

Equally intriguing was Dust 514, a persistent online first-person shooter from CCP, the creator of the space-based massively multiplayer PC game, Eve Online. It seems that somehow, Dust 514, which involves planetary combat against a range sci-fi enemies and craft, will inhabit the Eve universe, with the actions of Dust players having a direct bearing on the wider PC title. It's not yet clear precisely how this will work in practice, but you can read CCP's developer blog about the game here and you'll find a good description at the Official PlayStation Blog. Dust 514 is due out next spring.

Of course, Uncharted was an essential element of the show, with the third title in the PlayStation 3-series and the wonderfully promising Uncharted: in Golden Abyss Vita. Developer Naughty Dog showed a new level of Uncharted 3 is set on board a deserted ocean liner. Nathan is seen running along the deck, swaying and staggering as giant waves lash the ship. He ventures inside and quietly several villains takes in an opulent ballroom, before you are in a lower deck car park, where he completed an enemy by punching him a few times, then pull the pin blow from one of his grenades, it is high in the sky. At the same gallons visually stunning burst of sea water in the lower levels is through, whereupon a few sequences swimming. It 's exciting and visually sumptuous, with moments of real tension, as Drake caught underwater brought under heavy objects. A multiplayer beta will appear on 28 June begin to arrive with the game on 11 November. We also saw a new story trailer.

But this was a busy, breathless and very long event, with some interesting new concepts and fresh attempts to interest the world in Move and in 3D. A major irony was the emphasis on community, especially in relation to Vita and its many social gaming features. Having just tested the loyalty of its PlayStation Network users to the limits, the company now wants us to spend more time in its virtual realm. It has a lot of confidence-building to do, before beginning to seed this experience later in the year. Tretton joked about the PSN controversy, but unless the company's digital infrastructure is completely secure, hackers will no doubt have the last laugh.

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