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Japanese survey points to high price for slow 3DS sales

Japanese survey points to high price for slow 3DS sales screenshot

I thought that was a sure bet for 3DS Japan. Everyone has a DS product, so why not the souped up 3D version? The launch of Nintendo 's 3D portable been successful in Japan, but sales tapered since. On average, the PSP better sales leads per week.

A new survey by goo Research says that the high price of the system may be responsible for the slow sales. The top base of 1,000 + respondents indicated that the price is too high of 3DS and / or that they 're waiting for a price cut. I hear the same kind of answers here in North America from those who haven 't yet bought a 3DS. It 's either the price or the weak start gaming.

The two other top answers, translated by Andriasang are also interesting. The second highest response says that the respondents are satisfied with their DS or DSi now. The third and fourth answers the top health. It seems that the players still have the eye strain and sickness from the 3D screens of the relevant 3DS.

I think this is a bit expensive, but I 'm also think that more Japanese players will be the price with Godo overlooked games. Who will come, and I bet the 3DS is as popular as the DS / DS is now.

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