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E3 2011: Sony's Kaz Hirai on the PSN hack

Nick Cowen speaks Sony 's vice president of the PlayStation Network, PS Vita and the PS3

Nick Cowen takes the vice president of Sony, Kaz Hirai, and talks to him about the implications, consequences, and his company 's reaction to the PlayStation Network to hack. Hirai also explains how to compete with the PS-Vita in a position in the crowded smartphone market, and how the PS3 will remain profitable after so many years.

Q: When you first heard the message from the PSN hack how to react? What thoughts went through your head?

A: The first thing that went through my head when I first got the call from Tim Schaaff-he 's the president of Sony Entertainment Network International - was clearly the immediate need to shut down the system. That was his recommendation. The second thing was "Okay, what about the data we have?".

Q: Sony has worked out that hacked the PSN?

A: The quick answer is "not". Of course, we 're working with the FBI and other authorities as well. We 're working with them and give them as much information as possible so that they track down the perpetrators as quickly as possible.

Q:She waited a week before she was to consumers, the PSN has been hacked informed. Why did you wait so long?

A: I think I 'd formulate this question, because I don' t we "waiting" think in a week. I think we were very aggressive in the way we have tried out the information to the consumer as quickly as possible.

As you probably know, there are laws in a number of states in the U.S., the legal requirements that, in a nutshell, you mean 't just go out and put a statement like that without the possibility of some basic questions about have to answer. You must do your due diligence before making a statement. We obviously wanted to make sure that we met this requirements.We also wanted, as well as good practice, to try and collect as much information as possible before making any announcements.

So I think don 't we "waiting" in the week. I think it took a week to ensure that we, at least what we thought was enough information that was credible at the time, before we had made any announcements.

Q: Do you think that the PSN would have been hacked, if it is a closed system like Xbox Live have been?

A: As far as I know - and I don \ confess' t, the whole system of Xbox Live know - is the simple fact of the matter is that they use the Internet to connect their services. It 'not like a private or a personal thing that they have s. I 'm not sure what is the distinction there - maybe you have more information than I about its architecture.

Only in general terms whether it 's PSN or other non-Sony services in the past week, several companies and organizations, and hacked. I think there are reports that the FBI has been hacked. So this is not 't something that is a Microsoft problem or question Sony or limited to one or two companies. This is actually much larger than that. It 's big enough, to the extent that we' re talking about it and all businesses, organizations and institutions engaged in the online environment - what pretty much everyone is at this stage, isn 't it?

It 'sa threat, not just Sony or some other company, but to the structure of society. Hence the need for individuals and businesses to be very vigilant - that goes without saying - and we need from various governments, law enforcement and various laws to help in certain cases. And this must be a global effort.

Q: Sony has revised its security systems, so it isn 't store passwords, which are unencrypted?

A:As you probably know, if we notice that we again made the services that we had moved the data center, and we basically have done everything to our practices, at least in line with industry standards or to get better. I 'm not into the details of what we have and do not have to do for security reasons. But I can tell you that as far as the PS3 is concerned, we 've done everything that we, we could ensure that we thought' re the protection of our consumers 'data as aggressively as possible.

Q: What other plans do you have to win back the trust of consumers?

A: We certainly have the "welcome back" program in place and that 's important. But this is not a situation where you have three programs available and we 're good to go. This is an ongoing process to win back consumer confidence. I think that what we \ s services, we 're back up to about 90% with respect to the activity of networks "so far with the restoration of the PlayStation've seen" is based.

Another indicator is the fact that before we made the services again, was the No. 1 question we got in all fields "when you go back the service?". Once this has been, were the most frequently asked questions Questions about how people were back online, as opposed to queries about the online accounts terminate.

Here you will learn that consumers are willing to come back and we 're very grateful to them for that. But as I said, it 's an ongoing process and we need to work on it.

Q: Are you aware of a domino effect that the PSN hack has to developers who create online experiences? Has she one of them, that you know, behind the schedule?

A: You should probably talk to the publisher and they 'll give you a better idea of ??their perspective. From what I 'have heard from publishers, obviously the loss has had an impact, but I don' t know that there 's influence to the extent that the tracks play was delayed or postponed. Also, it 's probably best if you ask the publishers.

Q: What 's the future for the PS3 in order to keep it relevant, as it ages as hardware?

A: One of the things that we always talked of the 10-year life cycle. If we take the PS3 was revived in 2006, one of the questions I was always asked was why we were there, so much technology in one device that was basically a game console. I said then were looking at a 10-year life cycle. We wanted to ensure that we could adapt as new technology was brought on board. A lot of people said then that while it all sounded great, they didn \ believes' t.

The simple fact is, the PS3 has grown with time. The latest example of the firmware upgrade for all PS3s on was 3D compatible, which previously could be done by any other console. And until now there 's still a lot more headroom left in the PS3. This in turn is a function of the initial investment we made in terms of both technology and financial investments for the components.

You have probably heard a lot of things about the PS3, but one thing you won 't hear is that it' s behind the time slips.

Q: Is the PS3 still profitable?

A: I always ask this with the proviso that if the hardware itself is profitable or not is a moot point because we \ re not 'in the hardware business. We 're in the entertainment industry. We consider the totality of hardware, software and peripherals, and whether it 's profitable as a platform.

Having said that - because everyone is so interested - yes, we are profitable on the PS3 hardware, and we 'll still profitable on the PS3 hardware, if it answers your question. (Laughs) Whether we 're not profitable or in hardware alone, that doesn' t really address the bigger picture.

Q: Sony is going to commit development resources to PS Vita for the duration of their life cycle and how long is the life?

A: Difficult at this stage how long the cycle will tell. We have just announced the product in January and we just announced pricing this week. There are still many months before it hits the market. I 'm not try and guess what it' s will be life cycle.

Having said that, with every platform that we launch, we have the responsibility as the platform holder to make sure we're supporting it as aggressively as possible. That goes without saying. We did that for PS3, we continue to do that for PSP and we're definitely going to do that for PS Vita. Unless we are able to push the platform and increase the install basis as quickly as possible there will be less opportunity for publishers have business opportunities on PS Vita.

Q: How do you think the PS-Vita will fare in a world of ultra high-performance smart phones?

A: If you are looking for PS Vita, I think we have the ultimate portable gaming machine. Smart phones and tablets are more than all-purpose designed for gameplay. Whether we are talking sticks 're on the analog, the keys, the shoulder buttons, touch the rear panel - everything is on the PS Vita designed for immersive gameplay. You don 't get any of these functions on tablet devices. You don 't even have physical buttons, the controls in the games a little more difficult.

We 're catering to a very different market. I don 't see the PS Vita in direct competition with smartphones and tablets. However, I realize that 's a growing market as well and that' s why we announced the PS Suite initiative, where we bring the PlayStation experience to Android smartphones and tablets. But we 're doing it in a unique way to PlayStation, we confirm the hardware devices such as HP-certified. This means you can enjoy them 're to be enjoyed, and the first of these devices is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Sony Play the way experiences.

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