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Big In Japan June 13-19: Little Battle eXperience

Even with a new entry in the Yakuza series which usually garners top spots sales-wise, the top two spots of June 13's Media Creates sales ranking for Japan are now occupied with offerings from Level 5 and Nintendo. Taking first place is Little Battle eXperience for the PSP with 166,187 units sold. This RPG is about a boy named Ban Yamano who controls a customizable LBX robot and has to battle other kids with LBX robots. As a bonus for customers, the game comes with an AX-00 model that gamers need to assemble from scratch.

9. Wii Party / Nintendo / Wii / 6,556

PS3 - 16 081
Wii – 6,678

Xbox 360-2875
PS2 - 1346
DS Lite - 109
PSP Go – 55

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