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The Daily Hotness: Turtle brush

07/14/2010 The Daily Hotness: Turtle brush

I 've never seen a turtle move so fast as one that likes to be brushed. Seriously, look at the fines go! Spotted on Awesomer .

Check whether an event NARP happening near you, Tokyo Game Show 2010 will be big Kane and Lynch 2 gets pushed up, NECA is making a talking Claptrap toy, Mafia II gets exclusive PS3 content and more happened on 07/13/10.

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Dtoid 's no apparent reason for the Parties in July


Community Blogs 07/13/10
Forum of the day: The Bargain Bin

Do something naughty and win Naughty Bear!

Tokyo Game Show 2010: 138 companies, Booth 1410 units


The Legends League season begins to play a
PDP to reveal new controllers in Afterglow line at PAX
There may be an online versus mode in Kid Icarus Uprising
Nintendo unlikely to change 3DS design before launch
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days getting released a week early
Hori: US media doesn't like turn-based RPGs
WTF? Kinect in TV movie 'The Jensen Project'
PS3-exclusive Mafia II content is 'Jimmy's Vendetta'
\\ 'Medal Limited Edition' Honorable packs heat
WTF? Destination Arcade only available this summer
Walmart taking pre-orders for $199 Kinect bundle
Upcoming ModNation Racers patch adds 'casual' difficulty
Amazon listing points to new Xbox 360 Arcade bundle
Unreal Engine contest runner-up The Ball gets a publisher
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light: The Crown System
Our first glimpse of NECA's talking Claptrap figure
Hello Games explains why Joe Danger is on PSN, not XBLA
Conan, NBA Streets Homecourt hit Games on Demand
Free Steam weekend for R.U.S.E. on the way, pre-load now
Molyneux on new Milo demo: 'ten times more amazing'
Namco Bandai asking what PSOne games you want on PSN

The truth behind Tetris, as explained on a nifty t-shirt
Retro decor with Blik's new Atari surface graphics

Watch all of these Where is My Heart? videos please
Eight options for consideration Deadliest Warrior
New Yakuza PSP screenshots surface
Killzone 3 shows off its cinematic deaths
Crysis 2 'Nano' edition is $200 worth of crazy
PSN/XBLA shooter Nexuiz powered by CryENGINE 3
American McGee 's Vorpal Blade' replica Alice 'is a nut
NBA Elite 11 is the NBA players excited
Watch this full PBS clip from Video Games Live
Train Conductor 2: USA looks surprisingly fun


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