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Report: most pirated Japanese DS and PSP games

06/09/2010 Report: most pirated Japanese DS and PSP games According to the Computer Entertainment Supplier 's Association (CESA), Japan, Pokemon Platinum is the pirated Nintendo DS games in the country. Rooms CESA 's put the title 2071006 illegal downloading. On the PSP, a madman: Final Fantasy belongs the honor of colossal 5281223 downloads.

It is unclear where these figures came, but I guess only includes publicly accessible BitTorrent trackers, and point-to-peer networks. In fact, the number is probably higher.

Through both platforms, the name most downloaded on the "hardcore" games or games that appeal to everyone. Partial list of most downloaded games can be found at Siliconera for DS and PSP .

CESA not assess the loss of profits based on illegal downloading, ...


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