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Preview: PixelJunk Shooter 2

06/21/2010 Preview: PixelJunk Shooter 2
Who knew the inside of a giant subterranean monster would provide such a great setting for a shooter? The first PixelJunk Shooterabruptly ended with the awakening of a giant beast, which you happen to be trapped in the first number in the continued PixelJunk franchise. Acid, light and darkness -- in addition to lava, water and gas -- are just some of the elements you'll get to play with in this PSN exclusive for PS3.

The short demo I played gave me a chance to play with some of the new elements. Acid works almost exactly as you would expect: it raises the temperature of your ship considerably. However, unlike other fluids, the acid will cling to your ship, continuing to damage it until you rinse yourself in water. It's definitely one of the simpler elements (for now, at least), but the levels do force you to swim through the substance, meaning you'll have to play even more cautiously than in the first.

Much more interesting than the acids play on light and darkness. As in the first Gears of War(Or Black Hole ), staying in darkness for too long will summon a swarm of creatures that instantly destroy the ship. To rescue any marooned scientists, you'll have to figure out ways of getting light into darkened passages: whether it's by flipping switches, destroying rocks, or playing with the other elements. The mechanic lends itself really well in crafting complex puzzles; fans of the first game should be ecstatic.

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