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PlayStation.Blog Meetup with a fan at E3

06/03/2010 PlayStation.Blog Meetup with a fan at E3

PlayStation.Blog having a fan meetup at E3 screenshot

PlayStation.Blog has their third annual Meetup fan during the week of E3. Blog will take over Ciudad to 13 June from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, where they LL 'food, games and prizes. The blog will also have some upcoming PSP games in the hands and Jeff Rubenstein will even signing any part of the body of your choice! *

The first 150 people to attend the event will also be allowed in Sony 's E3 press conference on Tuesday. Jeff says that the relevant people started lining up eight hours earlier, at its last E3 Meetup so you better not skip sleep at night if you really want to get behind the wheel

Hit up PlayStation.Blog all the details of this event.

* This is a lie sa '. But hey, maybe he LL 'do it, if enough people ask!

Get a Grip at E3 in our PlayStation.Blog Meetup [PlayStation.Blog]


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