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Medal of Honor Heroes

[[[Medal of Honor Heroes]]]

Description: PENDING

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I also took a look at the online game, and it just struck me. How can such handheld game "Internet"? I'm just speechless.

I just can 'I can not wait to get to the other missions, and now, I just can' t put it down. I even snuck in MOH Heroes PSP to work and try to play when I get change. You love the game of World War II? In PSP? Well then get this game for $ 20, and you LL 'be glad you did, I promise!

The game delivers more pleasure from the game allows three levels of difficulty (novice, veteran and hero). Once all levels have been mastered, "version of the Duel" comes in very handy. Graphics and sound are great. T Haven 'test multiplayer, but still I feel pretty optimistic about it. Great game in general.

Although a very short campaign, Theres Lots cost of reproduction and T unlockables, I played through the campaign 3 times. But a huge multiplayer maps with tons of tons of modes too 32 people and are always people in the network. One of the best games PSP Ive ever played

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