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Splinter Cell: Conviction top of weak sales in April

05/14/2010 Splinter Cell: Conviction top of weak sales in April

with Ubisoft 'stealth-actioner hit-cylinder, as U.S. retail sales tumble games 26%; Monster Hunter Tri no-show in the top 10; DS and Wii win again.

For a game built on stealth sneaks through the shadows, Splinter Cell: Conviction has uncharacteristically conspicuous place on top of sales charts. Industry tracking NPD Group today released U.S. retail sales data for April, with the Ubisoft-published adventures of Sam Fisher is easy to become best-selling game in a month.

Sam Fisher choke-slams the competition.

Splinter Cell: Conviction 's 486,100 the first month of sales was noted not only for how he doubled the sales of second place finisher Pokemon SoulSilver, but for the fact that the lone highlight what has been a brutal month of games retail.

All game sales fell 26 percent from April 2009 to $ 766.2 million, with software by 22 percent to $ 398.5 million. Analyst forecasts of sales software was varied from 10 per cent down to slightly.

In addition to Splinter Cell: conviction, the biggest new releases for April were Capcom 's Wii-exclusive Monster Hunter Tri and his battle Update Super Street Fighter IV. Major new releases in the NPD Group 's April 2009 reporting period, Godfather II, while maintaining strong sales of previous releases, like Resident Evil 5, Pokemon Platinum, as well as the original Street Fighter IV.

On the hardware front, the order of the system remained unchanged, with with Nintendo 'one-two punch of the DS and Wii, claiming the top two spots again, after which the Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP. Nevertheless, the sale of each system has fallen precipitously, combining to go down, equipment sales 37 percent compared to the year to $ 249.3 million.

The hardware diagram is also a little shorter this month as the NPD Group has ceased production of its PlayStation 2 hardware sales figures. NPD also reduced its sales reporting software, now offers only monthly units during the first five games on its top 10 chart.

NPD analyst Anita Frazier said at the handheld market as a big cause of sagging numbers.

April 2010 U.S. GAME SALES

Total dollar sales
Total: $ 766.2 million (-26%)
Equipment: $ 249.3 million (-37%)
Software: $ 398.5 million (-22%)
Accessories: $ 118.4 million (-9%)

Sales equipment
DS: 440,800
Wii: 277200
Xbox 360: 185400
PlayStation 3: 180800
PSP: 65500

TOP 10 games (by SKU)
Title / Platform / Publisher / Release Date / sold (only provided for the top 5)
1. Splinter Cell: Conviction / 360 / Ubisoft / April / 10 / 486 100
2. Pokemon SoulSilver / DS / Nintendo / Mar 10 / 242900
3. New Super Mario / Wii / Nintendo / November / 09 / 200300
4. Pokemon HeartGold / DS / Nintendo / Mar 10 / 192600
5. God of War III / PS3 / SCEA / Mar 10 / 180300
6. Wii Sports Resort / Wii / Nintendo / Aug-09
7. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 / X360 / Electronic Arts / March 10
8. Wii Fit Plus w / Balance Board / Wii / Nintendo / Oct-09
9. Just Dance / Wii / Ubisoft / November-09
10. Super Street Fighter IV / PS3 / Capcom / April-10

Source: The NPD Group

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