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Sony offers a formal security plans for PS3, PSP

05/03/2010 Sony offers a formal security plans for PS3, PSP

Sony offers official protection plans for PS3, PSP screenshot

If you 're tired of being annoyed at GameStop and Best Buy employees about raising' plans for the protection "for the new consoles, Sony has the answer: It 's have begun offering their own.

Plans were announced today, that would expand coverage for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable in addition to the standard one year manufacturer 's warranty. Sony still offers a "random damage" to plan their portable, which would include things like a cracked screen, if you throw it, or that the fat man on a plane next to you sitting on it.


  • PS3 one year period ($ 49.99), or two-year period ($ 59.99)
  • PSP one-year extension ($ 29.99) or 2-year extension ($ 39.99)
  • PSP with accidental damage one year period ($ 39.99), or two-year extension ($ 49.99)

Standard warranty plans are available for the PS3 and PSP (and PSPgo) owners who are still at the 1-year warranty limit. "Accidental Damage" plan available for 30 days after purchase. You can call Sony (1-866-716-7669), to buy this plan.

What do you guys think? Will you pick up a formal protection plan for the next Sony console?


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