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Review of MGS: The World Walker 's main adventure

05/03/2010 Review of MGS: The World Walker 's main adventure

An overview of MGS: Peace Walker's main adventure screenshot

Its been 10 years since the events Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater . Naked Snake, now known as Big Boss left the United States because of military events Snake Eater and is now hiding in the Armed Forces without Frontires (Soldiers Without Borders) in Costa Rica. The war has a habit of finding the snake and World Walker begins with the conflict knocks at the door of the Snake.

I spent two days with World Walker Ill and what you cover divided into three parts. Read more after the break to look at the basic plot, control and gamplay of Metal Gear Solid: The World Walker .

Metal Gear Solid: The World Walker (PSP)
Developer: Kojima Productions
Publisher: Konami
To be released: June 8, 2010

World Walker begins in the video game Snake made his way to the bank full of sparring masked soldiers. After the overly dramatic movie ends, the tutorial begins work you monitor and control system, closed quarters .

After the tutorial ends, Snakes '\\' partner and main contact person in World Walker

It Metal Gear Solid game yet, so the story is not so dry as described above. Expect plot twists, backstabbing and all the rest Youve expect from Hideo Kojimas long saga of military espionage.

All World Walkers

World Walker
a Third-person shooter and looks fantastic considering that this game PSP. The character models look good and the environment have a good level of detail will be for them. Youll move through each level in the section-by-section basis, as you will either clear the area, or sneak your way to the end. Enemies patrol areas, and in classical Metal Gear fashion, are quite stupid. If you get spotted, soldiers will call for strengthening and you best to hide the warning to reset the meter. Enemy soldiers are playing an important role in World Walker experience, which you can read here.

When Youre facing up, you can go to the next mission. Kaz and other characters you meet throughout the game will keep you up to next mission to provide information about the goals and objectives. You can also communicate with their allies on the field through the system codecs.

Konami made me play at a private function World Walker within two days. I have spent at least 16 hours for new Metal Gear Solid and I still wasn't even able to win the game. Teresa ton on offer here with a lot of replay value, and all of World Walker really feel like it with ' Metal Gear Solid 5 .

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