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PSP Super Travel Case With Pockets

[[[PSP Super Travel Case with pockets]]]


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Interior case occurs PSP pretty tight. The device is actually kind of pop in and out of the case. Typically, this is good, except for exposed rivets in the hull. Leaving only this would eliminate the scratches little corner of your PSP. It sa 'an easy way, though, as I just jumped on a small piece of ground, Dr. Scholls.

In addition to the PSP, you just do not fit 'far inside. The Centre has a valve on the interior side of the PSP to keep your screen protected. (Although I still recommend investing in a screen overlay). The upper part of the valve consists of two slot for the Web UMDs.

In general, I doubt that you LL 'be able to find a better cause or a better price. If you plan to take your PSP with you often, I strongly recommend keeping it safe with this case.

product on time. Now I have a PSP, cable USB, memory card and headphones in one package. It 's strong enough to protect your PSP from damage and impact.thanks!

This inexpensive case much better than others that cost much more.

For $ 9 you get a case that may contain PSP, at least four UMDs (one in the system), spare battery, headphones and a few memory cards. Watch the rivets was discussed here. I just stuck a piece of foam on it and the problem has been corrected. The only Con is a weak looking lightning, but what do you expect for the price? Buy 2.

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