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Nurburgring complex will appear in GT5

05/14/2010 Nurburgring complex will appear in GT5

Nurburgring complex will make an appearance in GT5 screenshot

No one knows when Gran Turismo 5 actually come out, but we know that the famous Nrburgring Racing Complex will play in the game. The three tracks Nrburgring 's - Grand Prix, Nordschliefe and Nrburgring 24 hours of course - is now included as part of the 70 + classes in the game. Nordschliefe track appeared in Gran Turismo 4 and Gran Turismo PSP But this is the first time any of the other two tracks will appear in the series. Check out 8 screenshots in the gallery.

Polyphony Digital, of course, happy to Nrburgring in GT5 - As the general director Kazunori Yamauchi said, "For motorists, the Nurburgring is equivalent to places such as 'Eiger Nordwand" or' Everest "means [ SiC ] For the mountaineer. "And if you're going to Nrburgring Nrburgring this week '24 hours of the race, you can get your hands on the new demo GT5 . Does anyone check it?

Gran Turismo 5, now with more Nrburgring [PlayStation Blog]

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