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ModNation Racers demo scaling May 18

05/15/2010 ModNation Racers demo scaling May 18

ModNation Racers demo zooming in on May 18 screenshot

Let 'GET READY TO RACE small cars round the track, and modify them or may do so in reverse order!

t, which in no way enough to have a ring that I want. Well, the point delivered, it 's almost time for the game on some ModNation Racers on the PS3. In the event that weren 't quite sure how good the game will be or have no' t believe LL ', won our little contest on his Demo will be landing on May 18, so you can ... wait for it ... wait for it ... to take it on a test drive! BU DUM DUM CHING!

Thank you. Here all weekend. Try the steak.

For example, I'll upload eagerly time I like a game to a good kart racer gets my skeptical look doomed, until I try it. I 'm sorry, but I' ve been screwed over a lot of time on the kart racers who Aren 't Mario Kart approach anything involving tiny cars on the odd tracks without solid dose of skepticism.

ModNation Racers: PS3 Demo Hits May 18 [PlayStation Blog]


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