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MGS: a multi-world Walker "and help, and it hurts

05/03/2010 MGS: a multi-world Walker "and help, and it hurts

MGS: Peace Walker's multiplayer both helps and hurts it screenshot

Metal Gear Solid: World Walker offers both co-op and multiplayer modes over. In the main game, you play with a friend over Time and the game becomes a breeze to pass through.

Let me elaborate, after the break.

Metal Gear Solid: World Walker (PSP)
Developer: Kojima Productions
Publisher: Konami
To be released: June 8, 2010

The program of the campaign with a buddy changes World Walker . By itself, it feels like the standard game spy stealth. With a friend, World Walker inadvertently becomes more action. As long as one person alive, not worrying about the game behind the scenes. If a player is killed, the partner can revive the others back to health and keep on going. Moreover, when several players are within range, health bars will combine all the more shares health bar.

Another very useful feature of the cooperative World Walker Under the name "Snake in," allows players to keep the cooperative to each other. One player will control, while the other can shoot on the move. Co-op, players can also share cardboard boxes, including cartons, that the tank fired a flare bomb.

Because of this easy system recovery, theres no real reason to worry about stealth. I found that I was negligent compared to the time I would like to play on my own. I think it would be more careful if I was playing without my partner to be with me. In the same vein, World Walker does any function of voice communication. There are numerous reports in the game, you can send, but very uncomfortable, because it prevents to play.

Back to the main question that will plague World Walker

The scale of the game does not properly based on the number of players. Even with 4 players, you'll always be dying. The first major boss of giant robots that move around the tank level as his Tony Hawk fucking. It has a wide assortment of weapons and you are seriously going to want to tie your PSP after many attempts.

In fact, World Walker In my opinion, is that it was designed with a Japanese audience. People play with their PCP is much more in Japan in social situations. That's not so much in this case in America. DS, and especially cell phones to dominate our needs during the game and find a partner will be very difficult I think.

World Walker

In the end, that would make World Walkers online game is voice communications, Wi-Fi and the ability to use the PlayStation 3 controller. Konami PR reps at our demo session, he asked our thoughts on the release World Walker as a downloadable title PSN. All view session agreed that World Walker will operate better on the PS3 through PSP. PSP controls are not suitable for participation in the regime against, and it would be much easier to find people to play with a PS3. Nevertheless, I would not 't cancel World Walker fully for the PSP. Metal Gear fans are easy to love the latest in a series, in spite of these shortcomings.

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